Why you need a town car service

Town car service isn’t merely a means of conveyance that only tourists use; they’re hired for a variety of reasons be they birthday parties or office pick-ups. The idea is to cater to as many areas as possible to help expand client base. When establishing a top town car service, it’s important to consider one that has fleet that’s large enough to service all types of clients and settings. For example, vehicles used for office pickups can’t be used to ferry important guests to and from hotels. Likewise, cars rented for sightseeing tours should differ from those used for weddings. By deciding what areas to cater to, you’ll be able to plan what vehicles will make up a fleet.

Town car service

For office pick-ups and airport transportsssadasdasda

Vehicles for office pick-ups and airport transportation should be sufficient to accommodate at least eight passengers and have ample cargo space. Minivans and large hatchbacks can serve the purpose but when choosing the latter,  make sure they’re able to carry enough baggage. It also goes without saying that the vehicles should give good mileage as they’ll be plying city streets with a lot of starts and stops that tend to guzzle gas.

For sightseeing tours

Sightseeing tours don’t involve only four or five people. Depending on the tour, there may be a dozen, two dozen or close to forty people on board a vehicle. As a rental agency, you need to have a vehicle large enough to accommodate these numbers. A minibus will serve the purpose perfectly as it’s small enough to maneuver around city streets but large enough to transport a sizable number of people.

For birthdays, proms and weddings

Events like birthdays and weddings are fancy affairs, and minivans and minibusses won’t do. Clients are looking for luxury vehicles in different price ranges so that even budget customers can travel in style. Limousines or town cars should be an option along with luxury vehicles that don’t command such a high price. Thankfully, there are many, many vehicles to choose from so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a few for special occasions.

For corporate funsdsadadasdctions

Corporate affairs need business vehicles that boast amenities without going overboard on showiness. Look for sedans/saloons with enough cabin space. Bar facilities, a modest entertainment system, and plush seating are necessary as passengers will be used to traveling in luxury. Fancier functions will call for limousines and higher-end cars in which case the vehicles in your fleet meant for proms and weddings may be used.

Pricing for the different cars can be ascertained by finding out what other car services in the area are offering. Since we’re basing these points on the assumption that you’ve just about started the service, you’ll want to fix competitive prices. Of course, a lot will depend on the type of cars in the fleet as well as amenities and efficiency.