Teeth Whitening

As we grow old, our teeth are bound to be discolored. The good thing about this discoloration is that it is not permanent and can be reversed. When it comes to the practice of teeth whitening, most people are not so sure about what it is all about. As such, you should expect all sorts of questions or concerns about the safety of this practice. Some of these questions about teeth whitening might be justified whereas others might be based on hearsay or uninformed facts.

Common concerns about teeth whitening answered

Why is whitening also referred to as bleaching?

Bleaching is not sdfDaSDcfdfas bad as most people perceive it to be. It is simply another term to describe the act of using an oxidizing agent to dissolve something. In the dental world, the two most popular tooth whitening or bleaching solutions are hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Of the two, hydrogen peroxide is the one that is widely used as it is considered to more efficient than carbamide peroxide.

How many shades will I improve?

Most people would like to know something about the possible outcomes before doing anything. When it comes to whitening or bleaching teeth, you also expect them to be curious about the number of shades that they are likely to improve. If you have a yellow tint, you should expect better results than someone with grey tinted teeth. As a tip, you should not expect to massive transformation as much as it is possible. Have reasonable expectations.

How long does the new shade last?aedAsZDvSd

Just like with weight loss, the results from a slow process tend to be long lasting. It is also advisable to use bleaching gels that are not very strong to avoid destroying your teeth. Therefore, it is desirable to bleach slowly for a couple of weeks for long lasting results. Always remember that one-hour treatments do not last!

Should I stop taking wine and coffee while whitening?

Yes. When bleaching, most teeth whitening products have the effect of making your teeth porous. As such, taking colored food substances and drinks at this time will be like reversing the whole process. As such, you should only take these substances once you are done with the whitening process. The enamel takes some time to build itself up. The more time you give it, the better.